Is Quality at the Heart of Your Business?

Most businesses recognize the value of consistency and the need for sustained customer satisfaction but how do you get there?

Formal quality management systems aim to join commercial vision and objectives to the design and work processes that keep a business fit and competitive.

Willing Lightbulb is an independent consultancy, bringing to bear its experience of over 30 years gained in:

» global organizations,

» the small-to-medium enterprise, and

» business partners to the Public Sector,

to help businesses deploy and sustain effective management systems.

  • Make This

    Working Together, Better

    Quality is achieved more efficiently when activities and related resources are managed as processes, leading to repeatable work packages, lower costs and shorter cycle times.

    Leadership needs to be capable of setting challenging and measurable targets in order to create shared values and raise levels of trust in everyone with a stake in the organization's performance.

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  • Warehouse

    Sustainable and Resilient Business

    Resources, methods, and materials are important factors across industries; the system approach to management and its route to improvement, contribute towards an effective, sustainable and resilient business.

    Additional management systems for Environmental aspects and Occupational Health and Safety capitalize on the common framework to extend corporate responsibility.

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  • Blueprint

    Blueprint for Success

    Organizations which embrace the full intent of International Standard ISO 9001:2008 for quality stand to achieve more than simple compliance. When understood and applied in a way that suits the business, its principles allow organizations, of any size, to seek benefits from improved:

    » supplier controls

    » customer focus

    » staff motivation and loyalty

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Long Term View

Certification by an accredited agency evidences compliance for a common assessment by customers and prospects for your services, particularly in the Public Sector, but the trick isn't getting a certificate on the wall - it's keeping it there.

This can only be done effectively through maturity by means of continual improvement.

Willing Lightbulb works with you, in a straight-forward way that makes sense for your business, to make improvement a persistent and natural objective of your business.

Contact Willing Lightbulb today to learn the foundations of an effective Quality approach to business:

» management responsibility

» resource management

» service design

» measurement and improvement

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